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 Hobo vs Zombies

Smoking Zombies

Hobo vs Zombies

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Friv Smoking Zombies - Fight off the zombies before they can reach your tower and engulf you in a mind-numbing smoke. the pothead zombies 2 might be slow but their march will not stop until they die or make you cough your lungs out. they have a subtle tactic. firstly, the smoke will make your eyes red and your aim unsteady. then your wit will leave you as your brain grows softer. at the end, joining their party might seem as a good idea. make sure that nothing of the above happens. stand strong with your partner and give them some lead to chew on.pothead zombies 2 is full of action. you\'d have to show really quick and precise aim because the zombies a numerous. take them down by blasting their heads off to save time and ammo. both are really precious in this action game with emphasis on defense and shooting. it has quite good graphics, decent variety of weapons and enemies, and a rather funny concept. strange thing, zombies smoking pot but the game sends a clear message


Mouse to aim, left click to shoot. 1, 2, 3 to alternate weapons. 4, 5, 6 to alternate weapons for assistant characters. R to reload. P to pause. - See more at:

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